Absences and Vacations

It is a program policy that players must be on time and ready for practice and games. If a player must be excused for medical, academic, or religious reasons the coach must be contacted prior to the absence.

Unexcused absences for any other reasons will have consequences at the discretion of the coach up to and including sitting out a game(s).

We encourage families to take summer vacations during the summer prior to the beginning of the season in mid-August. If a player chooses to take vacation during try-outs, pre-season or the season, it will result in unexcused absences and possible reduction in playing time.


Being a student-athlete is considered a full-time commitment.  During the soccer season, beginning with try-out week, athletes are expected to be focused on soccer and their school work.  Athletes should not plan to work at a job on days that soccer events are held (Monday through Saturday).  Missing practice or games for work is an unexcused absence.