• Players should bring soccer cleats, shin guards, a soccer ball, and water to all sessions.  All players must have shin guards that meet the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) standard to participate and are appropriate for the player's height.  There should be an NOCSAE stamp or label on the shin guard.
  • Game uniforms (home and away sets) will be provided by the high school.  They must be returned to the school at the end of the season.  This is very important since uniform companies change styles every 2-3 years so often replacements cannot be ordered.
  • All players are required to purchase two pair of socks - one white pair and one green pair. These socks belong to the player and are not turned in at the end of the season.   
  • The varsity team members purchase a set of matching warm-up tops and bottoms.  Information will come from the captains (not this year due to Covid)
  • The JV, B, and 9th grade team members can optionally purchase warm-ups.

High School League Rules for Clothing Under Uniforms

Varsity Level:  Minnesota High School League rules require that visible clothing (e.g. compression shorts and tops) worn under the game uniform be of similar length, all alike, and of a solid color (no contrasting stitching).  Our colors for visible undergarments are white and black.

The visible undergarment must be solid in color and NOT have contrast stitching.  Each piece (top or bottom) can have only one visible logo that cannot exceed 2 1/4 square inches. 

This rule is up to referee discretion to enforce.  Last year, at an away game, a member of the opposing team was sent off the field for wearing yellow compression shorts under his white uniform because it didn't match the rest of the team.

This rule is usually not enforced at the JV/B/9 level, but you may want to consider it when purchasing any new items.