Frequently Asked Questions

This section is intended primarily for new players/parents.  If you have a question of common interest that you think should be included here, send it to Tim Jennings -

Q:  How do I sign up for soccer?

A:  To participate in Mayo Athletics, you need to signup online, have a physical that has been performed within the last three years on-file with the Athletic Office, and have paid the fees (need-based scholarships are available). The online signup period for fall sports is in the summer.  Look for a Skyward message regarding the signup period or check the main webpage for dates.  Signup closes a week or so before practices begin and doesn't open again until after practices have already begun.  Players are not allowed to practice if they have not completed the signup process.  Details on costs, the physical form, etc can be found on the main website.
Please note:  The email address used to create the userid used to signup for sports is the only email address used by the Activities Office for sport-specific communications.  (i.e. The initial notification that signup is open comes to email addresses given in Skyward, but further notifications regarding a specific sport you've signed up for comes only to the email address associated with the signup.  In general, parents do the signup since they are paying with a credit card.)

Q: What happens if my son doesn't make the team?  Do I get my registration money back?

A: Yes.  Contact the Activities Office.

Q: What are captains' practices and when/when are they?

A:  Captains' practices are non-school related practices. They are neither school sanctioned nor supported.  The coaches are not involved at all.  They are optional and have no bearing on try-outs.  Any communications regarding the practices come from the captains.

Q: Are there lockers at school for the boys to put their soccer gear?

A:  Yes.  There is a sport locker room in-between doors 5 and 6.  It is useful on game days or if your practice is right after school.   Bring your own lock and use it!  Lock all valuables in the locker.  The locker room will be locked by the time evening practices begin, so don't plan on accessing it then.

Q:  Is there a bus from the middle school to the high school?

A: Boys can ride the activity bus after school from the middle school to the high school.  Check with your middle school to see which bus it is.  In the past, the buses for away games have often left around 3 pm, so that works out well.  If the bus to an away game is leaving before the activity bus would arrive, parents need to make arrangements to get their players to Mayo High School.  If you are carpooling during the school day, make sure the note you send to the attendance office specifies that your son can ride with the carpool parent.

Q:  Where is the away game bus pickup/drop off location?

A:  The bus usually is at door 6 (student parking lot between Mayo and Resurrection church).  If the bus is leaving close to school let out time, the game bus will in the stadium parking lot.  The bus will always arrive back at door 6.

Q:  Is there a bus for an "away" game at John Marshall or Century?

A:  No.  Players must find their own ride to the other Rochester schools.

Q: Can my son get into the school when the bus arrives from an away game?

A: In general, no.  The school will usually be locked.  So all homework, etc. should be brought on the bus.  Parents should be at the school when the bus arrives to pick up their player.

Q:  I plan to attend the game.  Can my son (and his friends) ride with me?

A:  Sometimes due to overcrowding on the bus, parents are needed to drive players to the game or you may have family you want to visit in the away location. In those cases, riding with a parent is fine.  But in general, players are required to ride the bus both ways with the team.  Time on the bus is good for team bonding.  Balancing sports and homework is part of being a student athlete, so riding with parents for that reason not considered a legitimate reason.  (Students often do homework on the bus.)
If your son needs to ride with you (either one way or both), you must complete a Travel Release Form and submit it to the Activities office at least 24 hours before the game.  The player must give a copy of the form to the coach.  The Travel Release Form can be found on the Forms page of the main website under the FORMS section.
If a friend will ride with you, his parents need to fill out the Travel Release Form too.  Without that release, the coaches cannot let the player ride with you.

Q: Where is the Activities Office?

A:  It is at Mayo High School between doors 5 and 6.  There is a giant Sparty painted on the wall outside the office.  Office hours are generally 7:30 - 3:30.  Contact information for the Activities office staff can be found on the main webpage.

Note:  During the school year, all visitors must enter at the main school door at the front of the building and get a visitor badge. 

Q:  Where are the home games played?

A:  Almost always, B- and C-Squad games are on the soccer fields by the tennis courts on 11th Avenue SE.  JV and Varsity play in the stadium.  In almost all cases, the B or 9th grade game and JV game are played at the same time before the varsity game.

Q:  Do parents and players need to pay an entrance fee for games?

A:  Boys soccer players don't need to pay to watch Mayo Boys Soccer games -- they might need to show their uniform or team jacket depending on who is working at the gate. 

B- and C-Squad games are played on the tennis court fields, so there is no charge for anyone to watch.

JV and Varsity games are played in the stadium so other fans (parents, etc.) must pay.  You can pay per game, buy a multi-game pass (good for any sport) or buy a Rochester Public School sport season pass.

Q:  Does my JV/B/C player need to stay for the varsity game?

A: Players are required to watch the varsity games.  C- and B-Squad players take turns being ball techs for the varsity games.

Q:  What arrangements are there for food at the games?

A:  Athletes are discouraged from eating in the 1.5 hours before a game, but after the game they will need to eat.  Mayo has a concession stand and most (but not all) away sites do too.  Some players bring their own food and others place an online order from a place like Jimmy Johns to be delivered to the bus (be sure to indicate "Mayo Boys Soccer" in case another team is leaving at the same time).  NOTE:  There will be no team organized Subway orders, etc.