About the Team

  1. This program is a Sanctioned, Funded High School sport. It is run by the Rochester High School Athletic Departments. FASTOR (Friends Alpine Ski Team of Rochester) is a 501(c) 3 in charge of raising/managing money to help fund the team and to help in the goal of promoting high school Alpine Ski Racing.
  2. Dry land training:
  3. On-snow training:
  4. Lettering:
  5. Fundraising:
  6. Equipment (Coach made a video to explain equipment: click here.)
    1. Mandatory: Helmet with face guard and goggles (most kids have clear because we practice and race mostly at night)
    2. Not mandatory but recommended are: Ski bag, boot bag, shin guards, poles with hand guards, specific skis that are racing skis, racing boots (stiffer than regular boots) and a race suit. All can be purchased used. Skis, boots and poles can be seasonally rented from Tyrol Ski Shop in town-a good idea if your child is still growing. 
    3. MARK YOUR SKIERS EQUIPMENT. Bag, boots, poles etc. Every year someone goes home with the wrong stuff-take a sharpie to everything! 
    4. Hand and Foot warmers are really helpful and I would say unavoidable. My favorite brand, "Little Hotties" is sold in bulk at Costco or order online.
  7. Bus to and From Welch
    1. The bus ride allows many kids to work on their HW. If your skier has trouble understanding the need for a quiet bus they will be asked to alter their behavior and/or be moved to a different section of the bus.  There isn't time to eat the food at Welch (they often close the kitchen early as well), so send a dinner and/or snacks with them. There is a vending machine in area at Welch where they get ready for drinks, most kids bring their own Hydroflask/water bottle.
    2. The kids put their equipment-except the boots, they bring on bus to keep warm-under the bus in the storage area. The ski bags help keep boots and poles together and from getting banged up. Boot bags hold boots, and all the rest.
    3. TEXT Coach Nick on Remind if you are going to miss practice. Text Coach Nick if you are going to be late to practice so he can hold the bus for the skier. PLEASE BE ON TIME-we try to leave early if everyone on the bus and/or accounted for.
    4. Race days we are let out of school early. (The schools let skiers out 15 minute before load time: example we load at 1:45 so skiers will be dismissed at 1:30-if weather is inclement they will give us more time but that doesn't happen often)High School kids from The Rochester Public Schools are pre-excused. Middle School kids have to have a parent write a note to excuse them. Co-op kids from outside of Rochester or at Lourdes or other private schools in Roch need to write their own note as well. Middle School kids will also need transportation to get to bus at Best Buy on race days.The team will send out reminders for this-the reminders for the week generally go out on Sunday nights.
    5. Rides to the bus or home from the bus. Many kids carpool or able to offer an occasional ride-parents too. Just ask Coach or reach out at the Parent meeting at the beginning of the season to get help. Remind is also an option, but please try to plan at least 24 hrs ahead. NONE of the coaches are allowed to transport your child home, please plan accordingly.
    6. Your skier is from outside of Rochester and generally doesn't ride the bus to Welch or practice but wants to for Mankato or Buckhill. Tell coach or Mary Beth so they know to wait the bus for you.
    7. Transportation change. You came to watch your skier race at Welch and want to drive your skier home but they came on the bus.  YOU MUST FILL OUT A TRANSPORTATION FORM at least 48 hours in advance. **There is a tab for this marked Transportation Form, please refer to it.
  8. Mankato trips
    1. When we race there, we often have a preorder through Noodles and Co. and the kids order online, and we pick up on way back from Mt. Kato. In these cases we will ask the kids to bring cash or a check.
  9. Lift Tickets
    1. The team pays for lift tickets when we ski at Mankato, Buckhill, or any other ski hill other than Welch
  10. Team Communication
    1. Be sure both you and your racer are on the team distribution list. Email rochesterhsskiteam@gmail.com to be added.
    2. Download REMIND App for practice/race communication. To join our team, text @FASTOR to 81010