Team Fee

There is a Team Fee of $125 per skier for the 2022-2023 Season. 

The school pays for transportation and coaching; the team will pay for equipment costs. 

The team fee covers: team race registration fees; replacement/maintenance of team equipment (gates, drills, bits, pinneys, team parkas, timing equipment, etc), lift tickets when we ski at Buckhill or Mankato.

Timing Chip
There is an additional, optional, fee for individually assigned timing chips.  These are given out to each skier and are returned at the end of the season, or when the skier leaves the team. 

The damage deposit fee is $100.  The annual rental charge is $25.  The average lifespan of a chip is four years. 

(So, for example, if you join the team as a sophomore you will deposit $100 and will be provided with a timing chip for your personal use throughout the next three seasons.  You will receive $25 reimbursement when you return the chip at the end of your Senior season in good working order.)

Additional, optional charges

These are associated with any extra skiing days or overnight trips.  Costs incurred for these events are related to transportation, accommodation, food; and stipends for coaches and bus drivers.”

The skier will  be responsible for his/ her own pass from Welch Village (as well as all the equipment necessary to race-see FAQ for more info on equipment)

Team t-shirts and sweatshirts are optional and paid for by skiers.