Optional Training Trip 2022-2023

Optional Training Trip (Proposed Plan)

Trollhaugen, Dec. 16 and 17


Friday 12/16:

Leave on bus, Friday around 2pm--> Get to Trollhaugen by 3:45--> Ski** 4-6:30pm

Arrive hotel by 7:30 after picking up Pizza to eat at hotel

Saturday 12/17:

Be back to Trollhaugen by 9am Saturday--> ski** 9am-1pm-->Depart for home.  Bus back around 3:30pm.

** Reserved lane space training.

NOTE: We cannot ski on Sunday with our coach. MSHSL (Minnesota State High School League) states that there can be NO contact with a coach of any kind on Sundays. Even if Coach doesn't coach, he cannot be with the team on a Sunday.