A transportation form is needed whenever your skier changes transportation modes. It is against all rules for any of the coaches to allow any change without the form. Please understand if you forget to do the form the coaches cannot allow you to take your skier home.

Examples where a form is needed:

Skier takes bus to race and wants to ride home with parent.

Parent brings skier to race and skier wants to take bus back to Rochester.

Skier wants to stay at Welch after Invite to ski with Ski Club and come home on ski club bus.

Click below for Mayo form-fill out and scan and email to AD asst., or take in person.


Click below for Century-print, fill out and scan and email return, or return in person


Click below for JM-If your skier is a co-op skier you will fill out the JM form. Print, fill it out email it back or send in person.