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Mayo Spartans Softball

REGULAR SEASON x Regular Season

PAC Meeting- Cancelled

Spring PAC Meeting and Parent Meetings have been cancelled. 

2020 Clothing Order

Must order by 3/17

Rules for 2020 Season

In order to make us the most exceptional team we can be, here are some ground rules:

  1. Acceptable reasons to miss practice or game:
    1. Church
    2. School related
    3. Ill
  2. Spring Break: we will practice the whole of spring break due to our first game scheduled during it. Plan to be at practices.
  3. All players attend all practices, injured or not.
  4. All players attend all games, dressed & ready to play.
  5. If you are sick: coaches need to know prior to practice or game.
  6. Consequences:
    1. Miss a practice--> don't start next game
    2. Miss a game--> don't play next game
    3. Each miss is a strike against you, 3 strikes and you will be excused from the team
      1. The team may vote to reinstate a player.