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Girls Lacrosse

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Mayo Girls Lacrosse 2023

The 2023 season starts April 3rd!  We are excited to have our dedicated players return for another great season and welcome new players to the game.

We will be having practices the week of 4/3. It is required that players attend a MINIMUM of three practices this week. If you are in town, you should be attending all five. 

If you have previously arranged travel plans, please contact co-head coaches directly to discuss expectations / how the first week of season requirements can be met while you are away. We will be providing consistent instructions to all players who will be away for Spring Break.

If the minimum requirement is not met the first week of practice, playing time in varsity games will be reduced for the first two games of the season. 

Please email Co-Head Coaches Caroline and Nicky with questions or to request to be added to our email list. 

PAC Meeting 

March 16th at 6:30pm at MHS.  Players and one parent/guardian are required to attend

Concussion Testing

Tuesday March 21st at 7:30 pm in the Media Center (library)

  • Please fill out the survey below before testing. If you were in hockey or soccer this year you do not need to test (unless you sustained a concussion during one of these seasons).

    Code - J38LD93H4

  • If you are unable to make it on March 21st, contact Dan Christoffer to arrange a test the week before Spring Break. 

  • You must have a concussion test on file before starting to practice 

2023 Registration Info

Online Registration has CLOSED. Late registration will open March 27th and close March 28th. 

If your physical expires between March 13 and June 17th, an updated copy needs to be submitted to the Athletic/Activities office BEFORE you will be allowed to register for a spring sport.  You can locate your physical date in your Skyward Family Access (under the tab on the left - report cards/portfolio)

Please email your updated physical to Robin in the Athletic/Activities Office at


Coaching Staff

Caroline Curran

Co-Head Coach

Nicky Root

Co-Head Coach

Sebastian Baker

Goalie Coach

Jessi Johnston

Assistant Coach

Practice Info

Practice times: Monday- Friday 4:15-6:30pm. We begin  practice on the grass near the Mayo HS tennis courts and then move to the turf field each day for the second half of practice. Please come prepared with layers of clothing, sticks, goggles, cleats, and mouth guard. Every day!

Game Schedule

Game Schedule

Calendar Report (

Away Game Bus Schedule...leaving from Door 6

  • 4/17 @ Owatonna: load at 3:50pm
  • 4/24 @ Northfield: load at 3:30pm
  • 5/9 @ Hastings: load at 3:00pm
  • 5/17 @ Mankato: load at 1:45pm
  • 5/20 @ St. Michael Albertville: load at 8:45am
  • 5/23 @ Park: load at 2:50pm

Follow the team on Instagram! @mayogirlslacrosse

and on Twitter! @mayogirlslax

Game Day Expectations

All injuries requiring wrapping/tape by Dan (or athletic trainer) to be completed prior to arrival for game time. Dan (or athletic trainer present) will be at MHS until 4:00pm Complete prior to bus load if able- DO NOT rely on away trainers to be present upon arrival.

JV/bubble players to arrive 50min prior to the start of game (example: JV game is at 5:30pm, arrive no later than 4:40pm). Varsity players will arrive no later than half time of JV game. JV/bubble players will be expected to stay until at least half time of Varsity game (excused absences to be communicated prior to game). You will arrive dressed and ready for warm ups. Players will all be expected to exit the bus upon arrival- players are NOT to be on the bus for away games unless it is to quickly exchange items. Bus drivers are not required to remain at locations for the length of our games. **do not wait for “clock” to begin warm up- get moving/passing. Varsity can begin passing off field/away from side lines. Be respectful of those in the game**

Gear bags and personal belongings will remain together in a designated location (not in a scattered mess or directly behind/next to bench). Phones/tablets will not be used by players currently in a game. *if you are dressed for a jv/varsity game, you must remain near coaches/team on the bench. If you are NOT in the game, you will continue to support your teammates and peers from an appropriate area. If you are not present, we will assume you are not included in the current game* For away games- please designate a location to sit/remain as a team (those not playing in the immediate game). Be respectful of the host teams rules and regulations.

Jewelry ALL GAMES.. earrings, necklaces, bracelets, facial piercings, visible dermal piercings, and anything that could cause damage to a player must not be present for the game- remove PRIOR to stick checks. Refs are not required to allow players to simply “cover” a piercing (some do allow, but do not push it). A ref can issue a bench penalty for further reminding of removal during a game.

There is a zero tolerance policy for any disrespect given to teammates, coaches, opponents, refs, or spectators. Depending on the severity of the situation, players could see the loss of game time and further action may be taken.

Mayo Girls Lacrosse Team Photo's - Scheduled for April 18, 2023

d paulson Photography will be doing our team photos again this year and it will be online with the same ordering process as last year.  You will be able to view the photos before ordering and order at your convenience online or on your phone.  In addition, photos will be delivered directly to your home.  

THE FIRST THING THAT YOU NEED TO DO IS TEXT THE CODE GIRLSLAX23 to 90738.  You will then get a text notification when the photos are uploaded to the gallery and ready to view and purchase

Attached below are:

  • Team Photo flier/Web access - this includes the team code to text, link to the gallery website, and a discount code to get free shipping on orders $25 or more.
  • PDF showing step by step how to order using PhotoDay

Photos will be available for order through July 31, 2023

If you have questions, please contact Don Paulson at: 


Phone  507-923-7328