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Girls Swim/Dive

Regular Season 2022

Welcome to Mayo Girls Swim & Dive 2022

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Registration is Open

08/04/2022, 3:00pm CDT
By Juliet

Good luck in your quest to register! In another day or two I will send out an email with the apparel store, suit store, and details about the car wash and a pentathlon coming up. I just want to wait until I get a sense of numbers before sending everything out. 

Season Schedule

07/01/2022, 8:15am CDT
By Juliet

Attached is the season schedule. IT IS NOT COMPLETE. Notably missing are some Saturday invites, bus departure times and senior night. Other things may change as well.


**Divers, any time I send an email, I'll have a section that pertains to you, since much of this will pertain to just swimmers. That way, you do not have to muddle through irrelevant stuff. Please know that you go to all meets, social activities and anything else with us. You just do not practice with us. :(


Swimmers only: You'll see that there are three different ending times for practice. There will be more on that later but it will be based on how much time you need, or I think you need, in the water.


Please email me with any questions, but know that tomorrow starts my blackout week.


Mayo Girls Swim & Dive Photos September 13, 2022

d paulson Photography will be doing our team photos again this year and it will be online with the same ordering process as last year.  You will be able to view the photos before ordering and order at your convenience online or on your phone.  In addition, photos will be delivered directly to your home.  

THE FIRST THING THAT YOU NEED TO DO IS TEXT THE CODE SWIMDIVE22 to 90738.  You will then get a text notification when the photos are uploaded to the gallery and ready to view and purchase

Attached below are:

  • Team Photo flier/Web access - this includes the team code to text, link to the gallery website, and a discount code to get free shipping on orders $25 or more.
  • PDF showing step by step how to order using PhotoDay

Photos will be available for ordering through January 31, 2023

If you have questions, please contact Don Paulson at: 


Phone  507-923-7328