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Girls Golf

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Mayo Golf 2024


Spartan strong!


Big Nine Co-Champions 2013

Big Nine Champions 2012

Academic All State 2017

Academic All State 2016

Academic All State 2013

Academic All State 2012


Head Coach - Steve Myhro

Assistant Coach - Danielle McClintock



If you are new to the team or considering joining, please check out the document below called, “Commonly Asked Questions”.



Important Reminder - Team Store

Team Store

Deadline for ordering is March 11. The store will close that day and you will NOT be able to get any product. The only item I would like you to have is a team shirt (White Nike Poo). If you already have one that’s great! Anything else is optional!

This is a firm deadline so please, please, please don’t ask to order anything after this date.

Click the link below to see the Nike shirt.



2024 Roster


(Bold are new this season)

Ruby Ebbert                12

Veronica Eich                 12

Claire Nelson                 12

Avery Meyer                  12

Ana vanKoeverden         12  

Aaliyah Kamel Eang      12

 Fiona Nickelson            11

Lucy Koepp                 11  *

Shannon Graf               11 

Jillian Kagol                 11

Allison Humke              11

Flora Bolster                 10

Eleanor Pacchetti          10

Clara Dahl                    10

Whitney Leimbek          10

Vivian Wall                   10

Molly Boardman           10 *

Georgia Grant           9

Caroline Stephens    9

Carina Johnson        9

Kate Sexton                8

Josie Meyer                 8

Dylan Raukar              8

Ella Fischer                8

Miette Olsen              8

Elizabeth White         8

Kiran Kaufman          7

Sloane Bolster           7

Aubrey Evenson         7





This is a great way to support our team financially. Thanks!!


Registration is open for 2024! If you want to improve as a competitive golfer, playing in the Jr. PGA in the off-season is an excellent opportunity. You can sign up for local events or branch out and play some other courses. Give it a try!!

New Team Store - 2024 Orders Due March 11th

This is a link to our team store - 2024. We have decided that the white Nike shirt will be our team shirt this season as it provides a full range of sizes. The only item we ask you to purchase is a team shirt. Everything else is optional. The timeline is tight as it takes 4 weeks from the date the store closes to get our orders. I will send out a link via email as well. Again, the only item that I would like you to purchase is the Nike white team shirt. Thanks! If you already have a white team shirt then you are good to go.