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Regular Season 2015-16
2015-16 x Regular Season
Art Trimble

Art Trimble

Head Coach

Phone: 507-328-5567


Parents and Wrestlers

Wresting is a tremendous sport which can build self-confidence and a wide variety of life skills such as perseverance, hard work, and many others. I am excited to begin a new season this year with many new, and many experienced wrestlers of all grades and ages. We are coming off of a great season last year and will continue to build upon our success.

Wrestling Registration:

Please complete the online registration for athletics at

If you have any questions or problems with registration please contact:

Robin Erickson           Athletic/Activities Secretary   Phone: 507-.328-5560

If you have any questions about wrestling please contact:

Head Coach Art Trimble


What is required for wrestling practice?

-Work out cloths (T-shirt and shorts/sweatpants)

-Wrestling shoes will be required for competition (we do have some lightly used shoes that can be borrowed)

-A padlock for the wrestler’s locker in the locker room.

Concussion testing:

Our trainers complete a baseline concussion test for all of our wrestlers. This helps us diagnose concussions and also determine when athletes are ready to return to play. 

Practice times:

-Practice will run from 3:30PM – 6:00PM Monday through Friday. We may end practice earlier then 6pm on some days but we will never go over. On non-school days we like to practice in the morning to get it out of the way for the day, usually at 9AM.

I will usually try to send an email at the beginning of each week with all of the information regarding the upcoming events of that week.

Parent Meeting:

There will be a parent meeting and eligibility meeting on date YTD and location to be determined. This is for all parents and all wrestlers.

2023-2024 schedule

Dec 21st At Winona   Varsity with Some JV and girls matchups

Jan 2nd Home vs Austin    Varsity with JV and girls matchups

Jan 5th / 6th  The Clash At Lacrosse  Boys Varsity with some extras

Jan 12th JM/Century at JM    Varsity with JV and girls matchups

Jan 13th Stewartville Tournament    Girls Brackets Varsity / JV

Jan 16th Mankato East / Albert Lea At ALBERT LEA - SWMS GYM   Varsity with JV and girls matchups

Jan 19th Byron / PEM at Byron   Varsity with JV and girls matchups

Jan 20th Pine Island Girls Tournament  (Boys are off)

Jan 25th Mankato West/ Owatonna At home   Varsity with JV and girls matchups

Jan 27th At Lake City Tournament  Varsity only

  Century tournament  JV and Girls    

Feb 1st Home vs Faribault      Varsity with JV and girls matchups

Feb 3rd Pine Island tournament   Varsity with JV and (girls brackets?)

Feb 9th and 10th Section    1 and 2 Girls Section tournament Location TBD

Feb 10th JV big 9         JV 

Feb 15th Section Team  Varsity with a few alternates

Feb 17th Section Team   Varsity with a few alternates

Feb 23rd and 24th Individual Sections   Boys Varsity only (1 per weight)

Feb 28 – Mar 2 State     Anyone who qualifies for state





Mayo Wrestling Photos - November 28, 2023

d paulson Photography will be doing our team photos again this year and it will be online with the same ordering process as last year.  You will be able to view the photos before ordering and order at your convenience online or on your phone.  In addition, photos will be delivered directly to your home.  

THE FIRST THING THAT YOU NEED TO DO IS TEXT THE CODE MAYOWRESTLING23 to 90738.  You will then get a text notification when the photos are uploaded to the gallery and ready to view and purchase

Attached below are:

  • Team Photo flier/Web access - this includes the team code to text, link to the gallery website, and a discount code to get free shipping on orders $25 or more.
  • PDF showing step by step how to order using PhotoDay

Photos will be available for ordering through April 30, 2024

If you have questions, please contact Don Paulson at: 


Phone  507-923-7328

New Site

Our Full Team Site can be found at

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